Today we would like to talk about an alarming and worrying reality which, unfortunately, exists. We’re referring to companies that take advantage of certificates and the work of others to make profit. We’re talking companies that sell IRATA training without being and IRATA member company.

The company

IRATA is the world leading certificate for rope access across the globe. The only one that gathers incident reports and publishes a yearly work and safety analysis that helps us being better and safer. A technical training with independent assessment as to guarantee impartiality of the certification.

We believe it is a good system, one that works and helps reduce accidents and deaths through intensive training and safety awareness that we try and pass on through our training.

It is everyone’s responsibility to maintain this high stantard, this awareness for safety, at work and in our everyday lives, so that when someone speaks about an IRATA technician they can relax because they know that technician is going to be safe, because they know what they are doing. This implies less headaches for the companies and more productivity.

This is why we condemn and report when we get news of some company offering their IRATA services without being a member. They take advantage of the individual who is only seeking quality training and a quality certificate.

As member companies, if we become aware of such practice, we contact IRATA and then their legal department will deal with it the best way they can.

Those looking for IRATA training and are unsure whether the company is really a member can go here and verify through the IRATA website.

All member companies are provided with a unique reference number which is placed under the logo. A number followed by an «O», if the company is an operator, and/or a «T», if the company delivers training. Companies that use a logo without this reference should make us suspicious. This is ours.

If you come across anything like this you can contact a member company or IRATA directly to report it.

We’re trying to protect does who are looking to make their lives better by ways of a new professión, those wishing to make a quality leap through training and awareness. At the same time, we protect the IRATA standard and the good level and excelency of it’s technicians. It is everyone’s responsibility.

Somos formadores

Realizamos formaciones oficiales fundamentalmente IRATA Internacional  y GWO,  trabajos verticales, espacios confinados, rescate industrial, así como tejados y azoteas, o bien torres y estructuras. Conforme al R.D. 2177/04 y Resolución 1409/12

Servicios Obras

Eastav Global, S.L. ofrece diversos servicios a sus clientes: Rescate Industrial (U.R.I.), protecciones contra caídas, hehabilitación y mantenimiento (incluido eólico). También protecciones colectivas (escaleras,barandillas, lineas de vida, redes de seguridad, puntos de anclaje)

Comprobación Certificacion IRATA

IRATA pone a disposición pública una web para verificar la veracidad de los cursos que han aprobado los alumnos en nuestra empresa y para emitir los certificados correspondientes.

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